Patient Advocacy


Melba never wanted to be a media star. Truth be told, she just wanted relief from her severe scoliosis so she could continue to care for her physically disabled son and tend to her beloved flower garden. But Melba’s saga of severe chronic pain, minimally disruptive spine surgery, and complete recovery was inspiring. So, she gladly allowed her surgeon, Dr. Dhruv Pateder, to share her story with the local media in Virginia. The result was a dramatic increase in awareness about innovative treatment solutions. Says Melba: “I started out as a patient. Now, I’m an advocate!”

In April 2010, NuVasive® sponsored the Carlsbad 5000, a 5K race that attracts runners from around the world. It also attracted four Patient Ambassadors including Rusty. Rusty and his wife and daughter flew from Tampa, Florida to volunteer their time at The Better Way Back® booth at the race.


“Back or leg pain can strike at any age, and in my case, it can be sudden,” said Rusty. “It can be particularly devastating to runners. It was important to me to share my experience and spread the word about innovative spine solutions.”

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