This procedure, which does not require x-ray or ultrasound guidance, is for the treatment of painful areas of muscle tension or spasm. Muscle spasms in the neck, low or middle back can be quite painful and may persist for weeks to months. Trigger point injections involve the placement of a thin needle directly into the worst areas of pain for injection of local anesthetic and sometimes steroid. They can provide pain relief from weeks to months, and can also be useful for treating pain associated with Fibromyalgia or tension-type headaches.

How long do Trigger Point Injections take?

Trigger point injections usually take no more than 5 minutes to perform, and do not need to be done in the procedure suite.

How will I feel afterwards?

You will probably feel relief of pain and tension within minutes of your injection.

How long will the relief last?

Relief is variable but can last from weeks to roughly 1 month or more.